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class  StephenAshley.Biostatistics.Group
 A list of Decimal objects representing the members of a set of data. The class provides methods that compute various descriptive statistics. More...
class  StephenAshley.Biostatistics.ColumnData
 An object reporting the validity of a column of TextBox objects as a Group and the state of the column. More...


package  StephenAshley.Biostatistics


enum  StephenAshley::Biostatistics.Status {
  StephenAshley::Biostatistics.OneElement, StephenAshley::Biostatistics.TwoElements, StephenAshley::Biostatistics.MoreThanTwoElements, StephenAshley::Biostatistics.Empty,
  StephenAshley::Biostatistics.FewerThanThree, StephenAshley::Biostatistics.OK, StephenAshley::Biostatistics.Undetermined
 An enumeration of Int32 constants representing the state of a spreadsheet column. More...


delegate ColumnData StephenAshley::Biostatistics.GroupValidatorDelegateClass (TextBox[] textBoxesArray, Int32 columnIndex)
 Delegate for a method that validates the data in a column and reports the state of the column.


´╗┐using System

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´╗┐using System

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